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A neurologist is a specialist who specialises training in treating, diagnosing and disorders of the spine and brain. Neurologists are the principal care suppliers or specialists to other doctors. Neurologists may prescribe surgical treatment, but do not perform surgery. When treatment incorporates surgery, neurologists will everytime monitor surgically treated patients and  will administer their proceeding treatment.

Neurosurgeons are more than fair brain specialists. These therapeutic masters are mainly prepared to offer assistance patients who are suffering from head and spine injury; cerebrovascular disarranges, such as aneurysms of the brain and clogged arteries in the neck that can lead to the strokes, birth defects, brain and spinal tumors and abnormalities of the peripheral (face, arms, hands, legs, and feet) nerves.

A neuroscientist as well as neurobiologist is a scientist who has basic knowledge in neuroscience, a branch of biology subject that deals with the physiology, Neuro Physiotherapy, Neurological rehabilitation, Neurological Surgery and molecular biology of the neurons, neural circuits are especially their behavioural and psychological aspect with respect to health and disease. Basic tasks that have been done by neuroscientists are: Research and development of new treatments for neurological disorders , Conducting theoretical and computational neuronal data analysis, Dissecting experimental specimens , Developing experiments and leading groups of people in the supporting roles, Working with doctors to analyze experimental studies of new drugs on willing patients.

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